Segger 4.52c reports "The evalution period for this release has now expired"

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    • Segger 4.52c reports "The evalution period for this release has now expired"

      After my computer rebooted this morning, I'm now immediately getting an error when I launch SES 4.52c. The program immediately exits after pressing OK. I have a valid commercial license from Nordic and use J-Link programmers.

      I need to continue using this release to be in compliance with our quality assurance system. Furthermore SES 5.x modified the sscanf library compiler flags in a way that requires a change to our code base so we are not able to update, therefore the quality team will be hesitant to authorize an update.

      Why has it suddenly stopped working?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The issue is that you are using Embedded Studio without a valid license which is a license violation...
      See here for how to fix the issue:

      So yes, you can keep using the V4.xx version of Embedded Studio but need a license and can't "evaluate" it anymore.

      Best regards,
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