[SOLVED] Just general thanks to the Segger team

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  • [SOLVED] Just general thanks to the Segger team

    I've had my notebook and lot of eletronics stolen (f*cking lockdown), fortunately not JTrace and the special devboards.

    But I'd like to thank the Segger team especially for:

    • reinstall of Jlink tools, libraries, Ozone, etc. is easy (provided that udev rules are met - Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS)
    • there is a prompt whether to update JTrace firmware which really helps that you know whether and when you are updating
    • getting all the tools to work again was almost a breeze

    So thanks guys.

    I'll add an image of Ozone which made me so happy everything is working again, including ETM trace and profiling:

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for the flowers :)
    I will make sure to pass it on to the team.

    We wish you happy debugging!

    Best regards,
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