Bitmap Converter NXP: Command line -exit does not work properly

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    • Bitmap Converter NXP: Command line -exit does not work properly

      When running the bitmap converter from the command line (as a user would via batch file when they have many bitmap files to convert), the message indicating that Bitmap Converter is subject to the NXP End User License is an annoyance. Please implement that popup differently in a later release so that the -exit flag still works.

      Thank you.
    • Hi,

      You can add the "-hide" command to hide the window of the Bitmap Converter. This also works with the NXP version of Bitmap Converter.

      The "-exit" command simply closes the window, instead of hiding it.

      Below an example statement:

      Source Code

      1. BmpCvtNXP.exe logo.bmp -convertintobestpalette -saveaslogo,1 -hide -exit

      Best regards,
    • Thank you for assisting, but I don't get the desired outcome.

      Even with the -hide command, for each file, the popup comes up and I have to press "OK" and I then have to exit out of the BmpCvtNXP.

      batch file:

      @echo off
      for %%f in (bmp\*.bmp) do (
      "C:\Program Files (x86)\SEGGER\BmpCvtNXPV610\BmpCvtNXP.exe" %%f -convertintobestpalette -saveas.\c\%%~nf.c",1,5,0 -ARGB -hide -exit

      Thanks Again.
      • popup.png

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    • Hi,

      We have tried reproducing the issue with your command and the 6.10 NXP version of Bitmap Converter, but were not able to reproduce this issue.

      Maybe the issue is caused by the image you open in the Bitmap Converter. Can you send me an image to reproduce this issue?

      Thanks and best regards,
    • I have attached a folder with the batch file, a few bitmaps, and the resultant C files. You can erase the .c files and run the batch file to recreate them. As there are 4 bitmaps in the bmp directory, I'm prompted 4 times with the popup.

      Windows 10 Enterprise
      Version 20H2

      Build 19042.985
      • BmpCvtTest.7z

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