Automatic scrolling in a Listbox

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    • Automatic scrolling in a Listbox

      Hello All,

      Are there any built in functions that enable automatic horizontal scrolling of a selected item in a listbox.

      Not a scrollbar that the user has to interact with, but a function that sees the displayed string is greater than the length of the display and starts scrolling from right to left automatically when that item is selected.

      Something along the lines of...

      item_index = listbox_GetSel();
      if(LENGTH_OF(listbox_GetItemText(item_index)) > MAX_DISPLAYABLE_LENGTH_ON_THE_SCREEN)

      ...but built in ?

      Thanks. <3

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    • Hi,

      There is no built-in function for this feature yet, but we will consider adding it in the future, because it is often requested and definitely makes sense.

      So for now, you would have to implement this behavior manually to the LISTBOX. You can do the text scrolling with an animation that "animates" an offset value to move the text.

      You also have to do the drawing yourself using this offset value in an OwnerDraw routine.

      I have attached a sample that does this and you can take it as a reference.

      Best regards,
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