Problems using SES and building ble_app_blinky

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    • Problems using SES and building ble_app_blinky

      - SES 5.44
      - Nordic nRF5_SDK 17.0.2
      - Target is a nRF52832_xxAA (HW is compatible with PCA10040)
      - Segger J-Link edu programmer with 6-pin adapter SWDIO/SWDCLK
      - I'm currently using older nRF Go Studio for programming (because SES won't find the J-Link)

      I'm referring to the example code included with nRF5_SDK_17.0.2 : examples / ble_peripheral / ble_app_blinky
      I can successfully flash the pre-compiled HEX file from the "hex"-folder (ble_app_blinky_pca10040_s132.hex, size 485 kB) - this one runs fine
      -> so I guess my programmer is ok and the hardware, too

      I tried to open the SES project file "ble_app_blinky_pca10040_s132.emProject" (from path: ble_app_blinky / pca10040 / s132 / ses) and build the code myself, which succeeds without any problems. This produces output files (ELF, HEX, map) in folder Release/EXE - the HEX file is only 65 kByte - and this one won't run.

      I used the newer "nRF Connect" tool and found, that this HEX file contains just applications, but neither MBR, nor a softdevice. Can someone please help ? I guess I'm missing a linker step or something. I also tried to get in touch with Nordic, but without success so far.

      Furthermore, Nordic says I shall not use the "nRF Go studio" anymore - but this tool works together with the Segger J-link. SES itself and also the newer "nRF Connect" wont find my J-Link.

      The nrfjprog cmdline tool seems to work properly, I can use memrd to get the FICR data.

      Also, J-Link Commander seems to work

      thanks, matthias
    • partly fixed it : I was not aware that the precompiled hex files include the full package : MBR/DFU + Softdevice + Application
      Using "nrfgo studio" to program first the softdevice and then the blinky app succeeds.

    • Hello matthias,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Generally the projects provided through the Nordic SDK should work out of the box for the corresponding Embedded Studio version.
      Per default the softdevice hex and other project settings should be in place so all that is needed to get up and running is to rebuild the application and start the debug session.

      Should some of these parts not work correctly we recommend to contact Nordic Support as the Nordic SDK samples are supported and maintained through Nordic directly.

      Best regards,
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