[SOLVED] Switch stack call in CCS when using Segger JLink..

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  • [SOLVED] Switch stack call in CCS when using Segger JLink..

    Is it possible to switch task's call stack frame when debugging in TI's CCSv10 with the J-Llink ..?

    Same as you can it seems do with Ozone: You can click on a task in FreeRTOS window, and it should display different callstack matching it.
  • Hello,

    I do not think that OS aware debugging is available for TI CCS.
    At least not for the J-Link plugin.
    The CCS support was initially done by TI and we took over at some point, so I would need to look things up.

    In case it is possible to have some kind of OS plugin etc., we will probably create one but this is nothing that will happen within the next months.
    So more something for 2022.

  • @Alex

    Hi, there is a sort of 'free' plugin from WITTENSTEIN, at least you get task, queue, timers lists & stack & ticks info.

    But can I ask you to understand how it works whats needed for tasks stack call frames to work?

    Say assuming I go with JLinkGDBServer, and a GDB client which supports threads already -i.e you should be able to list threads ID"s and set current ID internally inside GDB console.
    If I load JLinkGDBServer with the -rtos switch, specifying the FreeRTOS plugin, so/dll, shouldn't it work .. ?
    I mean if interface / protocol is compatible with the GDB client, shouldn't then Segger's JLinkGDBServer FreeRTOS plugin allow then just to browse those threads without any _special_ plugin? Just normal GDB & whichever IDE then using it? (Eclipse ..)

    Well I know it doesn't work, but I don't understand why
  • TI CCS is not using JLink GDBServer but loads the J-Link lib and uses the J-Link API directly.
    I have no idea if CCS could still be used with GDBServer. If it can be, it is nothing that has been tested.
    I know that CCS is Eclipse but it is far away from a vanilla Eclipse, like Renesas e2studio is as well. So not sure how much of the original Eclipse functionality is still there.

  • SEGGER - Alex wrote:

    TI CCS is not using JLink GDBServer but loads the J-Link lib and uses the J-Link API directly.
    Thanks for replying Alex,

    I'm jumping from one thing to another here above - sorry, I was asking above, for case I skip CCS and use Eclipse + GDB directly + JLink GDBServer -rtos xxxx.
    (It should, I thought, then allow me to use the threads commands inside the gdb console, to switch over from one to other. )
  • Hi Alex,

    Normally, people would do Vanilla Eclipse CDT + GNU MCU free plugin, with Segger J-Link helper GUI plugin to support - like, configuring JLinkGDB sever startup etc ...

    I can't say I saw -rtos .. option giving anything different, i.e, in the debug view , under Debug there is always just one connection & one thread. I will double check again a brand new CDT, but something else is missing I think.

    Actually, ignoring All Eclipse entirely, and just using a suitably targeted GDB client , for say gnu arm, I should be able in GDB console switch the threads, before I get into any Eclipse ...