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    • Arabic Keyboard

      Dear Sir,
      I am try to create an Arabic keyboard in emWin 6.16.

      When i use :
      KEYBOARD_SetLayout(hItem, &KEYBOARD_ENG);
      it is good,

      but when i change it to
      KEYBOARD_SetLayout(hItem, &KEYBOARD_ARA);
      all keyboard letters are cleared.

      I have attached its photo.

      I would be glad to hear from you.

      Kind regards
      • Arabic-Key.jpg

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    • Hi Saeed,

      the default font does not contain Arabic letters. You have to change the keyboard's fonts to a font, that contains Arabic letters, otherwise they won't be displayed.

      Using the Font Converter, you can create an emWin font from a font that contains Arabic letters (e.g. Arial).

      The keyboard has two fonts, one for the keys and one for the small letters that are longpress keys. Refer to KEYBOARD_SetFont() and the keyboard widget chapter in the manual for more information.

      Best regards,
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