Ozone's parser does not detect EntryPointSP in .srec file

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    • Ozone's parser does not detect EntryPointSP in .srec file

      My IDE outputs both .elf and .srec files (S1 and S9 format).

      Uploading the .elf file works great but uploading the .srec file gives an error:

      With srec_info I checked the entry point:

      Which does not exactly corresponds with the 0x528 found in the .elf file.

      Is there a problem with my IDE or with Ozone's s-record parser?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      When calling Elf.GetEntryPointPC works only on elf files as the name of the function suggests.
      So setups with an srec will not work that way.
      You will need to use other script functions to detect the entry point from an srec.

      Generally we recommend to use elf files when available, otherwise debug information will be missing.
      If you e.g. want to debug elf file A but load an srec image B that is a bit different we recommend to use Exec.Download for the srec/hex file download.

      Best regards,
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    • Dear Nino,

      I'm trying to check the accuracy of my custom bootloader by downloading an s-record file and comparing them.
      It is therefore crucial that the file used is exactly the same.

      99% of the time I will be using .elf files. I'm glad Ozone still downloads them.

      Thank you for your response!