Ozone v3.22e Disassembly "Go To.." jumps back to PC after a fraction of a second

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    • Ozone v3.22e Disassembly "Go To.." jumps back to PC after a fraction of a second


      When Ozone v3.22e is attached to a running program, and the program is paused, the Go To... menu item in the Disassembly window will not work properly. The address you enter in the dialog box will be shown momentarily but then the Disassembly window will jump back to the PC (current instruction). When I say "paused" I mean that you are able to step through code.

      This doesn't happen if the program is running and not paused with the debugger attached, or if it's stopped (not running). In those cases, the Go To.. command works as expected.

      See video:

      I'm using macOS Big Sur, Ozone v3.22e.

    • New

      Hello Dan,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Seems like youtube compression got the better of your video :/
      But if I understand you correctly, the issue is, that when using the GoTo address in disassembly the cursor will only stay there when the debug session is *not* in the halted state. Correct?
      Once halted state is active, the cursor will always jump back to the current PC. Correct?

      I tried to reproduce this on windows, but there it seems to be working. I will try to reproduce this on a macbook on Monday when I am at the office again and have access to other Laptops.

      Btw, what is the action you use to open the window @ around 5 s? Double click?

      Best regards,
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