Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 - Cortex-M HardFault Exception

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    • Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040 - Cortex-M HardFault Exception


      I'm using a Segger J-Link Edu mini to debug a Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040.

      For simplicity, I am trying a blink example with Arduino.

      Ozone uploads and starts debugging, but soon reports a Cortex-M HardFault Exception. with three lines.

      Source Code

      1. CPU / Peripherals / SCB / SHCSR / SVCALLPENDED
      2. CPU / Peripherals / SCB / CCR / STKALIGN
      3. CPU / Peripherals / SCB / CCR / UNALIGN-TRP

      I had a look at the dedicated Wiki page for explanations, but can't find how to fix the issue.

      I have a similar issue when using the command line tools and arm-none-eabi-gdb.


      1. JLinkGDBServer -device RP2040_M0_0 -if swd -speed 1000
      Thank you for your help.

      Exact configuration is:
      • Arduino 1.8.13
      • Arduino mbedOS RP2040 2.0.0
      • Build with -g3 -ggdb
      • Firmware: J-Link EDU Mini V1 compiled Feb 18 2021 11:25:23
      • Hardware: V1.00
      • JLink 7.20
      • Ozone 3.22e
    • New

      We are not aware of such an issue.

      You can find an example blinky project for the RP2040 here:

      It should be working out of the box for Ozone / Embedded Studio.

      Could you please give that one a try?

      Best regards,
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