J-Link - making changes through J-Link Control Panel persistent

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    • J-Link - making changes through J-Link Control Panel persistent

      I'm using a J-Link Plus to download a fairly large program that I'm developing. Since I'm developing code and then testing those changes, I'm downloading quite often. The part of the download that takes the longest is the Compare. For the most part I want to skip the compare, since I know I have changed the code, I know it won't compare. I have used the J-Link Control Panel to set the compare to Skip, along with disabling verify, but as soon as I'm done with a debugging session, the settings revert back to the default settings with the compare once again enabled. How do I setup the J-Link to skip the compare and make the setting persistent. I'm using MCUXpresso as my IDE, although I do use Ozone on occasion as well.

      My J-Link is using version V11.0 (Apr 13, 2021).

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Yes this is possible by using a J-Link Command string:

      How you can use them is also explained in the same article:

      I will also mention this in our next internal meeting.
      Maybe we can add an option to enable that some settings are remembered when changed in the control panel.

      Best regards,
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