Any plans for Azure RTOS/ThreadX support in Ozone and SystemView?

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    • Any plans for Azure RTOS/ThreadX support in Ozone and SystemView?


      Now that Microsoft has acquired and licensed ThreadX and its full ecosystem for free use with multiple MCU vendors, I wonder if Segger has any plans to support ThreadX in its professional debugging tools Ozone and SystemView. I already contacted Microsoft but they say that it is the tool vendor's job to add such integration... I am sure that many developers using Segger tools will be interested in such integration.

      Thanks in advance,

    • Hello Anguel,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Currently there are no plans to add SystemView instrumentation from our side.
      But you can of course add support yourself as documented in the SystemView user manual, as any RTOS or even bare-metal application can be instrumented with SystemView.

      The same goes for Ozone. Currently no plans, but the open RTOS plugin interface is described in the Ozone manual.

      Best regards,
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