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    • Template open flash loader


      I need to develop a ne open flash loader for a STM32h7 controller and a dual flash configuration. The pinout is not standard, so I need to write my own flash loader.
      I started with the template on the Segger wiki, but when I compile this with Segger Embedded Studio, this flash loader does not behave as expected.
      This is what I did
      • Downloaded the CortexM template from the wiki
      • Extracted zip and opened it with Segger Embedded Studio
      • generated a release build, error free
      • modified the JLinkDevice.xml to use the created loader
      • opened JFlashLite and selected the correct type
      • loading a bin file and pressing Program Device
      After that "Connection to Jlink" is visible in the window and then the program crashes
      I also used STM32CubeIDE to try this loader, but there is a similar behavior:
      • Connecting to J-Link...
      • J-Link is connected.
      And after that an error message pop up. (Timeout)

      I expected an error message to appear as described in the Trouble Shoot section of the wiki. But it seems that the error is in front of that.

      Does anyone else ever tried out the open load template? Does it work?

      Second question: Is there an loader template available for STM32CubeIDE and Keil?