Using Ozone trace features with J-Link flashed on ST-Link

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    • Using Ozone trace features with J-Link flashed on ST-Link

      Greetings everyone,

      I am wondering if it is possible to use Ozones trace features (timeline, code coverage...) with a reflashed ST-Link to a J-Link.
      In my example, I am using a nucleo-F767ZI board from ST. The on-board ST-Link has been reflashed. Everything works fine in Ozone
      except from the trace features. The instruction trace always says "Instruction trace disabled". As I read in this forum, SWO is not enough to
      use this trace. For that I need trace pins or trace buffer. Unfortunately, the trace pins of the F767 are not connected to the onboard ST-Link.

      My question is, when using an external, reflashed ST-Link and connecting to the corresponding 5 trace pins, is the reflashed J-Link firmware capable
      of using the trace pins or is this only possible with a J-Trace Pro. In addition higher boards like the STM32H7 series feature ETF to be used as trace buffer.
      In that case, can I use a reflashed ST-Link for tracing via buffer?

      With best regards
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      A reflashed ST-Link has only capabilities for tracing via trace buffer.
      You can find an example project for the H7 buffer trace here:

      Pin tracing will never work as the ST-Links are simply way to slow and have no dedicated hardware to sample the trace pins with the required high speeds.
      For pin tracing a J-Trace Pro is required:

      Best regards,

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