Ozone crashes after making Disassembly window floating

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    • Ozone crashes after making Disassembly window floating

      Hi, more bugs in Ozone v3.2x...

      On macOS Big Sur, Ozone v3.22e.

      First, get a fresh install of Ozone v3.22e:
      -Delete `~/Library/Preferences/com.segger.Ozone.plist` file if it exists
      -Install with the .pkg installer
      --Or copy files from downloaded .dmg file to /Applications folder (it doesn't matter)

      Now, launch Ozone:
      -Open Ozone v3.22e
      -The New Project Wizard will open automatically (or click it "Create New Project", or open an existing project, or use an empty project; it doesn't matter)
      -For processor select "STM32F722VE", for example (or any processor: but I only tried ARM processors). Keep all defaults, except select SWD (I don't know if it matters). SVD file and HEX/BIN/ELF file fields are blank (but it behaves the same if you do select a valid SVD and ELF file).
      -Select View Menu => Disassembly or type `Window.show("Disassembly");` in the console
      -Drag the Disassembly window so that it's floating (not docked)
      -Window will not float, it will jump to a docked position and multiple new empty window panes appear at various places around the main window
      -Try to drag window again, it will keep making new empty window panes.
      -Eventually, Ozone will hang (spinning beach-ball cursor) and then crash. Crash report is attached

      Additionally, if you used a previous version of Ozone to make a floating Disassembly window, and then open up v3.22e, it will display the floating Disassembly window, but will hang and crash shortly after launching and then opening a project.
      There is no way that I found to actually use Ozone v3.22e in this case, since it will always open up the floating window and then crash -- even if you try creating a new project, or use an empty project. The only solution I found is to delete the ~/Library/Preferences files.

      Ever since v3.2, Ozone has been very buggy on macOS. I have many more bug reports, and will continue to file them as I have time. I'm hoping SEGGER can work to restore the stability that we had in the v2 era!

      Here is a screen shot so you see what I mean:
      And here is a video: youtu.be/E49_wijGPRc

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Also, thank you for your feedback and the detailed report.
      This is very valuable for us.

      I forwarded this as a bug report to the Ozone department.
      We will resolve this as soon as possible.

      Best regards,
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      Or you can contact us via e-mail.
    • I'd also like to add, that it's not just the Disassembly window, I've also found the Watched Data, Local Data, and seemingly most (all?) the windows causes a crash when moved from one docked pane to another docked position. The window often temporarily turns into a floating window while you drag it (this is normal), but then it crashes once it stops being a floating window.

      To reproduce is easy:
      -Launch Ozone v3.22e
      -Close the "open project" dialog box, or open a project, it doesn't matter.
      -Drag any visible docked window, such as Watched Data, from one docked position to another, making sure it "floats" in between.
      -Ozone will crash, all project file changes and window positions, watched variables, are lost.

      This issue has caused me to stop using v3.22e because if I accidentally move a window while debugging, I lose everything and have to start the session again.
    • Just tested the new release Ozone v3.24a. It also crashes if you move windows around. Too bad. Is there any idea on when all the crashing bugs will be addressed for Mac?

      To any Mac users who've come to the forum for help: older versions of Ozone are more stable: use v3.22b if you need more recent features (filter bar, for example) and can stand occasional crashing.
      The 3.10f/j are more stable but lack some features.
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