SysView V2.52d Export data to further analysis in others programs

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    • SysView V2.52d Export data to further analysis in others programs

      hi everyone

      i would like to do a better analysis of my data, for example plot graph or calculate computation time distributions.
      So there's a way to import .SVDat in others programs, like matlab, or others tools?
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Your question is answered in the SystemView User Manual (UM08027):

      Chapter 3.12.5 Export recordings:

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    • New

      Thank you Fabian for your answer.
      i'm working with sysview 2.52d and the saved data are in SVDat format, so i don't know how to read them in oters applications, and i don't know if is possible to export in .csv because i can't find nothing on 2.52 manual.

      i could switch to 3.30, but i remember that i wasn't able to integrate it in my implementations (i'm using SMT32 and programming with Atollic)
      maybe i could just download sysview 3.30 and load recordings done with 2.52?