Sum of CPU loads does not match with Idle %

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    • Sum of CPU loads does not match with Idle %


      I am using SystemView on my project and it seems to work well as the execution times and periodic events match with what I expected.
      There is one thing that I do not understand is that the Idle % does not match with (100% - Sum of CPU load %). -> Picture1
      I count 13,08% of CPU load so I expect to have 86,92% Idle but I got 96,19% ? Am I wrong ?

      Another things I noticed :
      -While recording, "Idle %" is not steady, even after several seconds. I think the value in the column "CPU Load" is average for the recording duration, am I wrong ?
      -The timestamped thread say very often "Idle For xxx ms" (where xxx is several hundreds of milliseconds) but in the timeline, I do not find this kind of time. Idle time seems to be always between 0 and 1ms (And it is what I expect as my Systick is 1ms) -> I attached an example of this issue (Picture2)

      I am using :
      -SystemView v3.10
      -uCOS-II V2.92.16
      -J-Link Ultra+ 4.4

      Thanks for your help



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