Using Memory Device with Windows Manager

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    • Using Memory Device with Windows Manager

      Hi, I want to know how can I use Memory Devices with Windows Manager. I want to display an indicator in a window and rotate the cursor according the special value (like a gauge).
      I already used MEMDEV_AutoDev.c file and it is really good. But I want to use it in a window. I have other menus and I want to use GUI_EndDialog to close that gauge window and display other menus.

      Thank you.
    • Hi,

      You can write the contents of a memory device into a window using GUI_MEMDEV_WriteAt().

      You should make sure to delete the memory device when it is not needed anymore using the routine GUI_MEMDEV_Delete(). It makes sense to do this in a WM_DELETE case in your dialog callback routine.

      Best regards,