[J-Trace] Host side buffer 64Mb

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    • [J-Trace] Host side buffer 64Mb


      Several months ago I have asked question about J-Trace buffer:
      [SOLVED] [J-Trace] What is the maximum timeline instruction buffer?

      I got answer:

      SEGGER - Fabian wrote:

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Currently we have a 64Mb buffer on Host side (for legacy reasons).
      This handling will change in the near future to be unlimited.

      Stay up-to-date regarding J-Link:

      How many instructions fit into this buffer depends on the instruction packet size (between 1-4 bytes per packet).
      This is device and application dependent.

      Best regards,

      Does something change so it is possible to use unlimited buffer?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes there were changes. You can now dump the raw unanalyzed trace data on to your hard drive.

      However you would need to write your own analyzer for this right now.
      Ozone currently does not offer an interface where this recorded raw data could be inserted for analysis.
      But that will be possible in future.
      However as this is quite the large feature rework for us we do not have a fixed timeschedule yet when it will be available from Ozone so you get the "infinite" timeline.

      Best regards,
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