[SOLVED] J-Link Plus Bricked During FW Update from Ozone

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link Plus Bricked During FW Update from Ozone

    I attempted to use Ozone for the first time targeting an nrf52. After attempting to launch a debug session with the Hello World project, I was prompted to update the firmware for my J-Link Plus. The firmware update failed and the debug probe is now apparently bricked. It no longer appears in J-Link Configurator.
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Usually, failed firmware updates do not brick a J-Link.
    It should still be recoverable in nearly all cases.

    In general:
    When using the J-Link it is important to have a stable USB connection.
    Please make sure, that the J-Link is directly connected to your PC via a solid USB cable.
    If you must use a USB-Hub, please make sure that it is externally powered.

    If this does not help:
    Could you please follow the troubleshooting article on the page linked below and send us a screenshot
    of the entire J-Link Commander output + answer the questions at the end of the article?

    Best regards,
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