[SOLVED] 20-pin ribbon cable usage with J-Link EDU Mini?

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  • [SOLVED] 20-pin ribbon cable usage with J-Link EDU Mini?

    For my R/C modelling hobby, I purchased a J-Link EDU Mini. It came with a 10-pin and a 20-pin ribbon cable. The mini-debugger works fine via the 9-pin/10-pin cable, but I am just curious about the included 20-pin ribbon cable and wanted to verify if I am on the right track about it:

    a) I assume, the 20-pin cable is included for compatibility purposes to work with boards that use "big" 20-pin 0.05" Cortex Debug + ETM Connector (Samtec FTSH-110-01)?
    E.g. if there is a board with ETM (usable only with J-Trace Pro naturally), I could connect EDU Mini onto it as well, and connect via SWD?

    b) By looking at www2.keil.com/coresight/coresight-connectors, I gather that the correct way to plug the 20-pin ribbon cable onto J-LINK EDU mini is to match pin1, where the pins 11 to 20 remain unconnected?

    Thank you!