Emwin GUI_Exec blocks serial Interrupt

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    • Emwin GUI_Exec blocks serial Interrupt


      I am using iMXRT1064 controller and NXP and Emwin library 5.48. I am using bare metal system i.e. no RTOS. GUI_Exec() is called continuously in super loop while(1). The device communicates with another system through serial communication and I have used interrupts for receiving the serial data. It is observed that when bytes are received in serial interrupt and if at the same time GUI_Exec is called then it seems to block the interrupt and bytes are missed. Is this expected?

      The window contains antialiased arcs and initializes the memdev for rotating a bitmap and memdev draw for displaying the rotated image is also called from PAINT of the window.

      The serial interrupt seems to block and this generally happens when i create or delete the window with lots of widgets , if any intensive tasks such as scrolling text in multiedit.

      So does the Emwin GUI_Exec() function block interrupts from the controller?


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