[SOLVED] Ozone: Connection Failed with PAC5532

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone: Connection Failed with PAC5532

    I've got a problem where Ozone will always print "Connection Failed" message when I try to download and run firmware just for the PAC5532. I've successfully used Ozone for other micros, such as the MKV31F family and the nRF52 family. My guess is there's something not configured correctly in the support files, and I'm not sure if it's a Segger problem or an Qorvo problem.

    The PAC support files for Segger can be found here:

    Scroll all the way to the bottom and they're under "Segger J-Link Support".

    I can download, run, and debug firmware on the PAC5532 just fine with my J-Link from within Visual Studio / VisualGDB, so it's not a system wide problem. It's only within Ozone that I run into issues with the PAC.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The PAC5532 is not officially supported by J-Link:

    It is possible that Qorvo has added supported themselves, but in this case support and maintenance would be provided by Qorvo directly.

    I will check with our team if official support is planned. But right now we do not even have eval boards in house, so it would most likely not happen short term.

    Best regards,
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