J-Flash erase failure (STR710)

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  • J-Flash erase failure (STR710)

    I'm trying to erase an STR710FZ2 and cannot seem to erase the chip (with J-Flash or IAR). But what's strange is it doesn't appear to be linked to a specific bank as I *am* able to erase some sectors (specifically B0F6, B0F7, B1F0, and B1F1).
    Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going wrong? is there an extra J-Flash configuration step that I'm missing?

    This problem began to occur after an IAR programming sequence locked up and I had to abort the program by using task manager to stop the program. Since this failure I am able to connect to the chip via JTAG with the J-Flash utility or the IAR debugger but am unable to successfully erase the flash. Using the debugger I am able to read the FLASH_CR1 register and it is reporting 0xE6000010 which is some sort of LOCKED condition.

    Erasing chip ...
    - Erasing 10 sectors, 0x40000000 - 0x400C3FFF
    - RAM tested O.K.
    - Erasing sector 0
    - ERROR: Timeout while erasing sector, core does not stop
    - ERROR: Failed to erase chip
    Disconnecting ...
    - Disconnected

    Erasing selected sectors ...
    - Connecting ...
    - Connected successfully
    - 4 of 10 sectors selected, 2 ranges, 0x40020000 - 0x4003FFFF, 0x400C0000 - 0x400C3FFF
    - RAM tested O.K.
    - Erase operation completed successfully - Completed after 0.375 sec

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  • Hello,

    we do not see what can be done to fix this. Judging by the value in FLASH_CR1, the chip is indeed
    reporting an erase error in bank 1.
    What makes you think that 0xE6000010 indicates some sort of lock condition ?
    We can not find this in the manual.

    Even if the chip is protected, there is no easy way to unprotect it, so I am afraid we do not have a solution for you.