[SOLVED] Ozone debugger 3.20e debugging self-modified code problem

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone debugger 3.20e debugging self-modified code problem

    Hi Segger,

    1. Thanks to the great Ozone debug, it helped a lot in development

    2. I want to report some problem about self-modified code. The application looks like this
    - My application implemented some check-sum against STM32's UUID
    - I added some code (store in 0x08008000) to calculate the checksum, and store result to somewhere in Flash
    - The code to calculate checksum is only executed one time. Once the check-sum is written to Flash, I used STM32 API to erase the code in 0x08008000
    - Assume FW will be read-out eventually, the approach adds some protection more or less

    3. I was using OZone debugger to debug the application. I opened a memory windows in 0x08008000
    After manipulating the registers to erase Flash, I expect to see the memory content becomes 0xFFFFFFFF. However, the values still kept in the window
    I even manipulate the FLASH control registers directly to *try* many PM regions
    With many many times trial, finally I disconnect the target and re-attach, the memory become 0xFFFFFFFF (erased status)

    4. I think this might relate to OZone implementation: you probably don't expect that users would "erase" the PM (or this is NOT common behavior)
    Therefore, the memory window content doesn't refresh. (need disconnect, re-attach, and the Ozone will re-read the memory)
    I'm just wondering, whether it's possible to force OZone to re-read the memory unconditionally to make such debug easier

    Thanks :)

  • Hello Lihgong,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    This behaviour is expected as J-Link will cache Flash contents to speed things up.
    You can disable Flash caching with command strings:

    How to use them in Ozone is explained here:

    Best regards,

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