How to download latest jlink-arm software with 32bir arm core support?

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    • How to download latest jlink-arm software with 32bir arm core support?

      Dear All,

      I wanna use RPi-Zero-W with Jlink as standalone programmer.
      I have discovered that 32bit arm core support is dropped from V6.82g release.
      And so could you please help me to download latest jlink arm toolchain supporting 32bit arm cores?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      I am not quite sure if I understood you correctly.
      Are you referring to the J-Link Software Pack?
      The J-Link Software and Documentation Pack is still available for ARM / Raspberry Pi here:…twareAndDocumentationPack


      Best regards,
      Fabian Federschmidt
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    • Thanks for your quick reply.
      Because of RPi-Zero-W board has arm 32bit arm mcu on it, JlinkExe(from Jlink sotware pack v.698a) is crashing with SegFault on latest Raspberrypi-OS.

      I am trying to run "Jlink Software Pack" from newest to oldest on RPi-Zero-W.
      I have tried from v6.98a to 6.94 but SegFault problem is still exist.

      From this thread i learned that 32bit support is dropped from a specific version of "Jlink software Pack".
      [SOLVED] SegFault / Illegal Instruction starting with Flasher V6.84 on RaspberryPi B+ (ARMv6)

      could you tell me what is the latest release supports 32bit arm cores without segfault error?

    • Additionally, all versions of JLink Software Pack are working on RaspBeryPi Model 3+ without any error.
      Same software, same operation system (raspbery OS) only hw is different.

      Could you please help me how work on RPi-Zero-W ?

    • Hi,

      It is not a matter of 32-bit and 64-bit.
      As Fabian wrote, we DO HAVE a 32-bit ARM version.
      The problem is more the architecture.

      Almost all Raspberry Pi derivatives and their alternatives (Orange Pi, Odroid, NVIDIA Jetson, ...) are either ARMv7-A (Cortex-A8, A9, ...) or ARMv8-A (Cortex-A53, A72, ...) based.
      While v7-A is always 32-bit, v8-A supports 64-bit and a 32-bit mode which is compatible to v7-A.

      The Linux ARM 32-bit version of J-Link is compiled for v7-A. The 64-bit version for v8-A.
      The Raspberry Pi Zero-W is one of the very rare remaining ARMv6 based Linux ARM systems in the world.

      Long story short:
      ARMv6 based systems are not supported by current versions. v7-A is minimum.
      There are no plans to change this as ARMv6 is legacy and almost not present anymore (If I remember correctly, the last standard Raspberry that was v6 was the Raspberry Pi 1 and they are at Raspberry Pi 4B now)