Freertos: Call stack for selected task?

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    • Freertos: Call stack for selected task?


      from available information I gather that selecting a thread in the FreeRTOS task window should make the call stack window display the call stack of the selected task.
      Can you confirm is it so ? Maybe I just cannot handle the UI.
      What I do: make the software stop at breakpoint. I see several tasks and the call stack of the active task. When I select any other tasks in the FreeRTOS window, the call stack remains the same.

      Ozone 3.22b, I tried on Windows and Linux. Freertos plugin is added to project upon Ozone suggestion at project creation.
      Target: cortex-m7

      Thanks in advance
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes this is generally possible with Ozones plugin interface.
      Which FreeRTOS plugin are you loading?
      We recommend the ones ending on .js
      The .dll one is deprecated and is only kept for backwards compatibility.

      Best regards,
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