[SOLVED] Why is chip erase so much faster in J-FLASH than in J-LINK?

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  • [SOLVED] Why is chip erase so much faster in J-FLASH than in J-LINK?

    I have a NRF52840. If I do a chip erase using j-link it takes app. 15s, but if I do a chip erase with j-flash then it only takes 0.7s!
    Can anyone explain the difference? I don't understand whythere is a factor 21 in difference of speed.

    For jflash I have used both the command line the GUI. Both complete in the same time and a subsequent blank check report the chip as being blank

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  • It is not a thing of right and wrong.
    The “erase” command in J-Link Commander only says that it erases the flash contents. It does not specify *how* it does that.
    The result is correct, so is the command.

    However, we are currently working on also having J-Link Commander to use chip erase where available.
    Just saying that it is NOT a bugfix!

  • Hi Christian,
    Thank you for pointing this out to us.

    As soon as this feature is available we will mention it in our release notes.
    Stay up-to-date regarding J-Link:

    As the inquiry was answered, we will close this thread now.

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