Multiple displays with AppWizard on one target device

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    • Multiple displays with AppWizard on one target device

      Hello Segger Team,

      is it possible to implement multiple display ads with AppWizard on one target device with embOS operating system and emWin graphics library and link them together?

      The following example application is to be implemented:
      A microcontroller has two separate displays. Each display is created with its own AppWizard project. The generated code is included in the microcontroller project and linked to the corresponding display. Signals can be exchanged between the displays.

      Do I understand correctly that this is possible by creating two different AppWizard tasks. The display configuration is implemented in APPWConf.c and the respective display assignment is realized with APPW_CreateRoot().
      However, I am not sure if this command can be called multiple times and if the microcontroller project or the window manager gets problems with the generated object IDs.

      Is this possible and what steps are needed for this?

      Best thanks in advance.

      With kind regards