Systemview timeline is not always drawn correctly

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    • Systemview timeline is not always drawn correctly


      I am evaluating systemview and have encountered the following issue:

      After loading the data file (see attached: out.svdat) , the timeline view is not drawn correctly.
      The rectangles showing the task runtimes are missing, but it seems that the times the tasks are blocked are drawn as they should (see attached file: after_loading.png)
      If I zoom a few times in and out, and also use the slider at the bottom a few times, then it appears correctly (see attached: after_zooming_and_scrolling.png)
      After it appears correctly, it might dissapear again, especially if I scroll/zoom fast.

      I am using 3.3.0 64 bit . I have also tried 3.3.0 32 bit and have tried 3.2.0 32 bit all having the same problem.

      Any hints ?

      Thank you !
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      What RTOS are you instrumenting here?
      It appears that the code instrumentation is not done correctly.
      How to do this is explained in the SystemView manual in detail.

      If you are looking to instrument a non RTOS application, see here for a guide:

      Best regards,
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