[SOLVED] solution&creating new project

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  • [SOLVED] solution&creating new project

    Hi, I was using SEGGER EMBEDDED STUDIO recently and I found that if I choose to create a new project in an existing solution, the new project won't create an .emproject file.
    For example, if I create a project named "led" in an existing old solution and I remove the "led" project from the old solution then, I won't be able to add the "led" project back to solution again easily because the "led" project dose not have an .emproject file.
    Maybe I have to create a new project in a new solution and add each file from the "led" project to the new project, then I can finally add the new project to the old solution.
    I am wondering that will it be more convenient if the choice of "create a new project in an existing solution" can be removed from SEGGER EMBEDDED STUDIO? Thanks very much.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Not sure what the issue is.
    Why would we remove an option that our customers use and are happy with it?
    If you want to create a new emProject file each time you have to create a new solution.
    If you want to have multiple projects in one emProject file, you can do that as well.

    For both use cases you have an option when using the project wizard.
    Simply make sure to use the right option for the right task and everything should be working as expected.

    Best regards,
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