Solution with multiple projects, each with different build configurations

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    • Solution with multiple projects, each with different build configurations

      I have two projects in one solution. Both projects should have their own
      build configurations. Let's say project1 has build configurations
      buildconfig1 and buildconfig2 based on commonbuildconfig1, and project2
      has build configurations buildconfig3 and buildconfig4 based on

      How can this be accomplished?
      It seems the build configurations are always on a solution level
      somehow. For example, if the selected build configuration (in the UI) is
      buildconfig1, both project1 and project2 will be built with build
      configuration buildconfig1, although this build configuration is only
      relevant for project1.

      I checked the links provided in another topic about public and private configs, but could not find any information on how to separate the build configurations based on the selected project.

      Best regards,
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      All needed information can be found here…lution_in_Embedded_Studio
      and here

      More information can be found in the Embedded Studio documentation.

      Best regards,

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