[ABANDONED] Ozone crashes with unexpected exception when enabling 4-pin trace

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  • [ABANDONED] Ozone crashes with unexpected exception when enabling 4-pin trace

    Dear friends,

    I am trying to debug a hard fault through Ozone, connected to our J-Trace Pro.
    We have full trace capabilities (4-bit) on our hardware, but when I select Trace Pins as Trace Source in the Trace Settings, Ozone crashes - apparently upon meeting the hard fault - with the following message:

    An unexpected exception occurred and Ozone needs to close.
    A crash report was stored to:
    [file path].dmp

    Please find attached the dump file reported in the message.

    Any help will be much appreciated :thumbup:
    Thank you

  • Hello,

    Such an issue is not known to us.
    Do you see the same behaviour with the latest Ozone version?
    Could you share some more information about your setup?
    What is the S/N of your J-Trace?
    What target device are you debugging exactly?

    Best regards,
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