segmentation fault on linux ARM

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    • segmentation fault on linux ARM


      I'm getting a segmentation fault execption when running the same test multiple times. It works well for the first tests, and then fails with this segmentation fault.
      Probably out of scope, but the target is a tms570lc4357 from TI, and the probe is a JTrace Cortex Pro.

      Attached the output log generated during execution of the test.

      I can reproduce the behavior with both version 6.90a and 6.96.

      Don't know if it helps, but I had a similar issue a few years ago, here is the thread: [SOLVED] Segmentation fault: 11 exception when connecting/disconnecting gdb multiple times

      Thanks in advance for your feedback and regards,

      • jlink.log

        (93.43 kB, downloaded 47 times, last: )
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      Could you please provide us detailed, step-by-step instructions of how to reproduce this issue?
      Are you working on an evaluation board or custom hardware?

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Fabian,

      Sorry for the delayed answer. I guess the steps to reproduce are available in the log file joined in my previous post?
      Let me know what you are expecting to receive from my side otherwise

      Best Regards,

    • Hello Alex,

      Sorry for the late answer. Attached the full log, as requested.
      The evaluation board is the official HDK from TI (tms570lc4357). The probe is a J-Trace Pro (v1).
      Worth mentioning the host is a Raspberry Pi 4B revision 1.4.

      Please let me know if you need more information from my side.

      Best Regards,

      • full_log.7z

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    • New

      Hi Guillaume,

      Thanks for providing the log file.
      I do not see anything in the log file that indicates a crash / segmentation fault.
      The connection to the device is established, followed by a very loooong sequence of
      In the end there is a Close() call and the log file is cleaned gracefully at the end.
      If a segmentation fault occurs, I would expect the software to crash somewhere, so we should see the log to stop abruptly, even in the middle of any API call etc.
    • New

      Hi Alex,

      I sent you the wrong file, sorry. It appear to fail in function JLINK_DEVICE_GetIndex, as shown in the log bellow:

      Source Code

      1. TB6F7CAD0 000:262.730 SEGGER J-Link V6.98e Log File
      2. TB6F7CAD0 000:263.135 DLL Compiled: Mar 29 2021 14:25:19
      3. TB6F7CAD0 000:263.352 Logging started @ 2021-04-13 06:57
      4. TB6F7CAD0 000:263.561 - 5.412ms
      5. TB6F7CAD0 000:263.825 JLINK_IsOpen()
      6. TB6F7CAD0 000:264.043 - 0.326ms returns 0x01
      7. TB6F7CAD0 000:264.264 JLINK_IsOpen()
      8. TB6F7CAD0 000:264.474 - 0.316ms returns 0x01
      9. TB6F7CAD0 000:265.673 JLINK_EMU_IsConnected()
      10. TB6F7CAD0 000:265.901 - 0.336ms returns TRUE
      11. TB6F7CAD0 000:266.176 JLINK_DEVICE_GetIndex(sDeviceName = tms570lc4357)
      Display All
      Best regards,