EmbOS compatibilty vs. microcontroller derivative and IAR EWARM Version

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  • EmbOS compatibilty vs. microcontroller derivative and IAR EWARM Version

    My question: Is there a compatibility matrix available which responds the following 2 questions:
    1. To which IAR version is EmbOS Vxx compatible ?
    2. To which microcontroller is EmbOS Vxx compatible ?
    We currently use EmbOS 3.80h together with IAR EWARM 5.50.5 and for STM32F1xx derivative (STMicro Cortex M3 derivative).
    For a "proof of concept", I have to check how much effort it takes to migrate from the STM32F1x to the new STM32F2xx family and perhaps from IAR EWARM 5.50.5 to IAR EWARM V6.x.
    Currently, it's not really clear for me, if we can furthermore use embOS V3.80h or if we must go to a newer version of EmbOS.
    I would be very happy if you give me a general compatibility matrix or I would also be happy if you can answer my question for the concrete planned migration.
    Thanks you in advance for your answer and kind regards
  • Hello

    we have for both IAR Version (EWARM V5 and EWARM V6) a separate embOS version. When you buy embOS or get an update you will get both embOS versions.
    In your case if you want to use EWARM V6 and Cortex M3 you need embOS Cortex M IAR V6.

    A trial version can be downloaded at:

    The zip file contains two zip files: embOS_CortexM_IAR_V5_Trial_V382m.zip and embOS_CortexM_IAR_V6_Trial_V382m.zip
    embOS_CortexM_IAR_V5_Trial_V382m.zip is for EWARM V5 and
    embOS_CortexM_IAR_V6_Trial_V382m.zip is for EWARM V6

    This should make it easy for you to migrate your application to EWARM V6 since you can start again with one of our start projects.

    I hope this makes it more clear, if not please let me know.

    Best regards,