Weird tasks appears

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    • Weird tasks appears


      I'm currently porting a non-OS firmware to FreeRTOS 10.2.1.
      I re-used a previous FreeRTOS /systemview setup that was working fine on an other project / mcu (but still cortex-M).

      Program has 3 tasks + 2 timers.

      My firmware seems to work as expected but when I enabled SystemView I saw that new tasks appeared out of the blue (task 0x1C06, 0XFCO, ...)
      This seems to happens only after some IRQ

      I think there is a "leak" somewhere but I don't know how to look for it. Any advice ?

      I used SystemView 3.12

    • New

      After some investigations, I found that
      • SystemView timing is completely off (~250ms between 2 logs send by a timer triggered every 1.5s) but "real" timing is ok (check with an oscillo)
      • All the previous issues are not present if I disable the tickless mode.
      I use a custom tickless mode where I go in stop mode 2 and I'm wake up either by an interrupt or a RTC timer.

      It seems "normal" that timing is off in tickless because system timestamp (Cortex-M cycle counter.) is stop while I'm in tickless.
      I'm suppose I will need to redefine SEGGER_SYSVIEW_GET_TIMESTAMP in order to get correct timing in tickless mode ?

      Is it possible that the weird task problem is also linked to my tickless mode ?