Recommendations for EmbeddedStudio

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    • Recommendations for EmbeddedStudio

      Hello Segger Team,

      may I suggest some improvements to EmbeddedStudio.
      • The Call-Stack shows only pure function names. Could you also add the namespace and class-name of member-functions? In C++ the pure function name is not unambiguous. The same identical name can be used in multiple namespaces and classes and it is quite common to have identical names.
        Therefore the Call-Stack is not immediately recognizable when only function names are shown and would be more descriptive with additional information’s.
      • Same is true for the Watch Window when adding the Variable via “Add to Watch”. Only the Name of the variable is shown. No class/struct-name or namespace. In the result of this, no Variables with the same name in different classes/structs or namespaces can be watched simultaneously, except the context is added manually.
      • Is there any particular reason why the replace functionality in the ‘Find And Replace’ Dock is deactivated for every setting except ‘Current Document’ and ‘All Open Documents’?
        Please provide it for all settings.
      • Many people including myself prefer it to work in a Dark-Mode. Therefor thanks for providing such a mode. However, it seems like many Icons are not adapted to this mode and are not good recognizable. Compare for example the Menus Edit -> HTML Formatting.
      Best Regards
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your feedback.
      The mentioned C++ features are on our wishlist but with no fixed time schedule.
      Improvement of the dark mode is on our ToDo but with no high priority.

      The find and replace is limited on purpose to make accidental replaces impossible as a solution can have thousands of files.
      But we will see if this can be improved to be easier accessible or at least available optionally.

      Best regards,
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    • Hello Nino,

      thank you for the feedback.

      Regarding the ‘find and replace‘ options: For limiting the amount of affected files, you can narrow them by choosing this filter:

      Replacing is only possible with the first two options. In the moment I’m forced to open Visual Studio Code, do the replacement, and continue developing in Embedded Studio.
      Accidental changes have lost their scare with a version control system which is definitely used in a project with thousands of files.

      One more thing, could you support the mouse wheel during selection in the editor? When doing a normal selection, an action on a mouse wheel is completely ignored. When doing a rectangle selection and the mouse wheel is turned the focus of the document is jumping to the end of the file and the selection is canceled.
      On other Editors, like Notepad++ you can change the size of the selection with the mouse wheel, which I find quite comfortable to use.

      Best regards