Use AppWizard font in emWIn

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    • Use AppWizard font in emWIn

      How do I access the AppWizard font in emWin?

      I see the variable acArial_24_Normal_EXT_AA4 is used for the "Arial_24_Normal_EXT_AA4.xbf" font. I see the AppWizard API call APPW_GetFont().

      I cannot seem to get APPW_GetFont() to return 0 (success). No combination of using the window, widget IDs (or handles) seems to fill the GUI_FONT structure.

      C Source Code

      1. GUI_FONT FONT24; // global font variable
      2. ...
      3. // ID_SCREEN_00, ID_BUTTON_00 - crash
      4. // hScreen00, hButtons[0] - 1
      5. // 0, 0 - 1
      6. // ID_SCREEN_00, hButtons[0] - 1
      7. // hScreen00, ID_BUTTON_00 - 1
      8. dlog("APPW_GetFont() => %d", APPW_GetFont(ID_SCREEN_00, ID_BUTTON_00, &FONT24, acArial_24_Normal_EXT_AA4));
      where ID_SCREEN_00, ID_BUTTON_00 are the AppWizard IDs.

      It appears I need the GUI_XBF_DATA structure rather than the raw XBF array. Where do I get access to that guy?