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    • AppWizard Textimport

      Hello together,

      Can you tell me how many different text-IDs and languages can be included in the AppWizard? Is there a limit to this? Is there also a limit on the number of chars per text?

      We have 908 different texts in 26 different languages. I can import the text file (.csv, UTF-8) successfully and the texts can also be displayed in AppWizard.
      But as soon as I insert a new text in the text management and then select it in the AppWizard, it is not displayed.

      I hope you can help me out in this regard.

      Thanks in advance.

      With kind regards
    • Short feedback:

      The text was not displayed in the AppWizard, because in some text-IDs there was no text content in the first language. Therefore, I replaced the relevant text with a space. The 908 text IDs and 26 languages thus works.

      The information about the limitation is nevertheless interesting for us. Can you give us some feedback on this?

      I also noticed that as soon as you insert a text via "Insert Text", the text already inserted in the AppWizard also shifts by the number of newly inserted text locations (see attachment).
      Is there a solution for this?
      (Workaround: You have to select each text ID again. In the example it works again, if you select "PB2" again at the text field.)

      Thanks in advance.
      • Error_Insert_Text.png

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