Importing and Compiling/Running Arduino sketch

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    • Importing and Compiling/Running Arduino sketch


      I have a JLink EDU mini and an arduino due which is a SAM3X8E device, I have successfully connected the board to the debugger and ran the example project in embedded studio.

      Now I want to import my arduino sketches and run/debug them from embedded studio, how do I do this? Arduino sketches are just C programs with a library ontop so it can't be that hard but is there a set of instructions for doing this?
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Generally it should be possible to use the sources of the sketches in Embedded Studio as they are C/C++ based, which is supported.
      So you would need to add the sources, headers, include paths, libraries and the Arduino bootloader as additional load file to your project.
      If everything is in place the project should build as expected.

      Currently we do not offer any import tools/guides for Arduino sketches. Please understand that we can't provide additional assistance in this case as correct project setups are user responsibility.

      Best regards,
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