embOS Runtime Error on using embOSview

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  • embOS Runtime Error on using embOSview

    I use embOS Version 3.08 with M32C87 Microcontroller.

    I want to use embOSview application software.

    I implement the interface for embOSview on COM6.
    But allways if the COM port receives a character (for
    example from a terminal program) the
    embOS generates a runtime error 180. This is allways
    happen if the OS_OnRx(Data) function is called.
    I have no nested Interupts in my application.
    I changed the COM port for testing to COM0, but I get the
    same problem.

    What reasons can generate this problem ?
  • Hello hornb,

    embOS generates this error if you have nested Rx interrupts.
    This could be caused by one of the following cases:

    a) Interrups occur to fast (baudrate too high)
    b) CPU is too slow
    c) Interrupt latency times of other interrupts are too high

    Did you test it with the original code?
    The Rtosinit.c is already prepared for COM0 and COM1.