EFR32MG1PXXXF256 SWO Tracing fail

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    • EFR32MG1PXXXF256 SWO Tracing fail


      Using a EFR32MG1PXXXF256 on the starter board (silabs.com/documents/public/us…9-brd4153a-user-guide.pdf), I have created a demo LED flashing application using FreeRTOS.

      The tracing function does not work. Enabling it will occasionally produce the following message: "failed to activate SWO data capture: SWO trace cannot be started: invalid core frequency". Other times, it will just not produce any data to populate the timeline or the instruction trace
    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.

      It seems like the generic SWO initialization is not sufficient to enable SWO on this device.
      We put implementation of the special handling on our feature request list but cannot provide a fixed timeline yet.
      But I would guess sometime next week, if everything goes smoothly (again no guarantee).

      Stay up-to-date regarding J-Link:

      If you do not want to wait for that, you could implement the necessary steps yourself via a J-Link Script file.
      All necessary initialization steps, that are not Coresight specific would have to be added to an SWO_EnableTarget() function.
      - Clocking TPIU
      - Selecting correct pin and enable SWO pin function

      Best regards,
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