[SOLVED] J-Scope's jraw content

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  • [SOLVED] J-Scope's jraw content

    Dear Segger Team

    I've saved some .jraw files from J-Scope. Howevery, I lost my .jscope configuration files (but I still know the correct axf file).
    Is there any change to get the recorded variable names out of the .jraw file?

    Or: How does the jraw map the datarows to the variables of the .jscope configuration? Is the mapping by variable name or only by position of the variable?

    Problem is, when I create a new .jscope configuration, of what I think might be correct, j-Scope crashes, when importing the raw file.

  • Hello Marco,

    these files do not have any metadata, it is just a dump of the incoming data stream.
    A small hint could be the file size: It must be a whole multiple of the sample block size.

    The sample block size would be for example 6 Bytes, if you have one 4 Byte variable and one 2 Byte variable.

    Without having a detailed look into the source, I'd suspect you specified something, which is not a whole multiple and that caused the crash. Is that correct?

  • Hi Arne

    Thanks for the information.
    I will check this.

    So, additionally I understand, that also the sequence of variables, listed in the the table, is importand to reproduce the correct output. And not only which variables (and types) I've selected. Right?