J-Scope problems

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    • J-Scope problems

      Dear Segger Support,

      I am facing problems when running J-Scope when performing a target selection. Once I try to set a target I receive a J-Link ARM error (see attachment). I confirm by clicking OK twice and see an empty device selection (see attachment). When I keep the device as "unspecified", I am able to continue. Once I try to Start sampling, I see the J-Link ARM error again, followed by lots of other different errors/warnings.

      Is this a known bug?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Philipp,

      the message indicates that it could not load JLinkARM.dll
      Probably some policies do not allow this on your PC, if J-Scope is not run as admin.
      You could try to copy the JLinkARM.dll to J-Scope's directory, maybe this works without admin rights,

      Best regards