Fade Window Object onto Window Below

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    • Fade Window Object onto Window Below


      I am looking to fade the topmost Window Object onto the the Window behind it. The topmost Window will have some Button widgets on it that need faded in and out as well.

      Is there an easy way to manipulate the transparency of a Window Object and its Children? This seems like the most straightforward approach, but I don't see an easy way to do it. Not quite sure how to make it happen by taking over the WM_PAINT message without just clobbering the painting of the button object. I need to modify just the transparency, which I may be missing something.

    • Found what seems to be the most relevant API calls:

      Source Code

      1. GUI_MEMDEV_FadeInWindow()
      2. GUI_MEMDEV_FadeOutWindow()

      `GUI_MEMDEV_FadeInWindow()` works when called from an animation OnDelete callback. But `GUI_MEMDEV_FadeOutWindow()` does not work when called from the GUI_KEY callback hook, which initiates the animation.
    • I tried running `GUI_MEMDEV_FadeOutWindow()` elsewhere by sending a message to the parent window's callback function. It still did not fade.

      However, when I run `GUI_MEMDEV_FadeOutWindow` immediately after the `GUI_MEMDEV_FadeInWindow` then it does appear to work.

      What's going on?