AppWizard QuickStartGuide Slider Demo Not Updating Text Value

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    • AppWizard QuickStartGuide Slider Demo Not Updating Text Value


      AppWizard V1.10_6.14 has a nice QuickStartGuide AN03003 PDF available in the menu->Help->Open Quick Start Guide.

      Running through it I got stuck on 3.9 Adding Text, step 4 which adds the interaction to update the number in the text box as the slider value changes:

      I appear to have done this, yet the text does not update.

      In writing this, I appear to have resolved the issue. It is documented below.

      I tried it again, but instead of setting the Value to 0, I used the default "Use custom defined value." See below:

      Now the text updates with the slider as expected.

      I will publish this little tidbit in hope that it might help someone as literal as myself get unstuck. And thank you for your excellent documentation and tools!


      P.S. Apparently we might expand the message limit from 10,000 characters to maybe 500,000. Encoded images take up a lot of characters. This message is 73,000 characters with images inlined.
    • Hi,

      the section of the Quick Start Guide you are referring to is a bit vague, since the "Use costum defined value" button was added to AppWizard in the meantime (after the Quick Start Guide was published).

      We will update the guide according to the new features/new user interfaces of AppWizard.

      Best regards,