Version 3.22A Ozone *BUG*

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The reported behaviour is not reproducible for me.
      Could you provide an example project for reproduction?
      An example source file would also be sufficient if it compiles standalone and can be used in any other application.

      Best regards,
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    • Hi,

      I think for the first issue it would be helpful to explain, what "change" means. Change the name, so basically creating a new watch? Or changing another property of the watched variable, like the refresh rate?

      The second issue is easy to reproduce.
      - add a struct to the watches.
      - add some other watches
      - expand the struct watch entry to see its members
      - drag the struct watch entry one or two entries up or down
      -> the struct watch entry will be shown collapsed

      For me that's no problem, just helping to reproduce.