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  • Hello everybody,

    I am a newer with embOS. I have booked to buy a Kit and embOS license but it have to take 7 days until now.I want to research and simulate before it arrives.
    I search and see that C-SPY simulator is a tool come with IAR to simulate .Have anyone showed me better another or give me some experience about S-SPY simulator?
    I need a good PC simulator for embOS.Thanks in advance.Appreciate so much.
  • Hello Til,

    What can I do and see with the C-SPY simulator? I have downloaded " embOS trial for ARM7/9/XScale and IAR compiler" and done something following the attached document.
    I ran the "Start_IAR_Simulator.eww" in the embOS_ARM_IAR_V6_Trial_V382m\Start\BoardSupport\IAR_Simulator folder.I have been used some normal function in the IAR Spy Debugger without seeing any information in the Task list or Resource semaphore...? Did I do the right way? Can you make me more clearly about the ability of C-Spy,which can do with the embOS trial version before the official version arrive?
    Thanks a lots!