[SOLVED] J-Link Commander: clarifications on erase command

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link Commander: clarifications on erase command

    I'm using an edited JLinkDevices.xml to add a custom Flash bank (actually a SPI Flash connected to LPC1788):

    Source Code

    1. <DataBase>
    2. <Device>
    3. <ChipInfo Vendor="NXP" Name="LPC1788" />
    4. <FlashBankInfo Name="SST26VF016B on LPC1788" BaseAddr="0xA0080000" MaxSize="0x800000" Loader="lpc1788_spiflash_loader.elf" LoaderType="FLASH_ALGO_TYPE_OPEN" />
    5. </Device>
    6. </DataBase>
    What's the behaviour of erase command of J-Link Commander tool? Does it erase only internal Flash memory of LPC1788 or will it try to use Flash Loader to erase the added Flash bank?
  • I tried to erase a sector of 4kB with the following command:

    Source Code

    1. erase 0xA0080000, 0xA0081000
    But the tool says: No Flash bank within given address range 0xA0080000, 0xA0081000

    I suspect erase command completely do ignore added flash banks specified in JLinkDevices.xml, don't it?
  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    The J-Link also erases SPI flash banks if selected via "exec EnableEraseAllFlashBanks".
    This should be shown by the J-Link Commander output as well (example):

    Does this solve the issue?

    Best regards,
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