[ABANDONED] How to fix "Error while recording" and/or overflows

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  • [ABANDONED] How to fix "Error while recording" and/or overflows

    I'm trying to use SystemView for the first time in a real situation & even though I've followed the manual I'm still getting either overflows (occasionally) or "Error while recording" (pretty much the rest of the time) or just no captured data when I start recording.

    In about 100 attempts I've managed to capture 2 or 3 relatively short traces (maybe a few hundred ms of data) & those seem to be showing the task/interrupt interactions as I'd expect, so it appears to be nearly working at least some of the time - and the information it shows for these runs is looking very promising.

    H/w is based on the NXP LPC4357 in TQFP package, using the M4 core clocked @ 144MHz & running embOS v4.14 with the embedded system view v2.52a files included in the project
    Toolchain is IAR v7.80.4

    I've got a j-link pro connecting from the PC to the target & am running with no other traffic on the debug port (but debugging in IAR & using Segger RTT messages at other times all seem to work just fine, so I believe that the debug connections are working).
    I've tried SWD @4, 8, 10 & 12 kHz but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
    I've set the RTT buffer up to allow 8k in internal SRAM for the Systemview data

    I've tried both v2.52 & v3.20 SystemView apps on the PC but again have not seen any real difference in success.

    I'd appreciate your suggestions about what to try in order to get a better success rate in capturing the data from the target

    Please let me know any other information you need about the setup to help me proceed

  • Hello Jez,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    JezC3128 wrote:

    I've tried SWD @4, 8, 10 & 12 kHz but that doesn't seem to make any difference.
    Can you confirm you mean kHz and not MHz? If yes, that might already be the source of the issue. Try >20 MHz.
    What error message are you getting exactly? Could you provide a screenshot?
    Could you do the testing with the latest V3.20?
    V2.52 is no longer in maintenance and support.

    Best regards,
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